Tabletop Games

Tabletop Board Games, Card Game Design and Game Art Production.

I love narrative based games, games with the potential for stories and player/character journeys. And that’s what I hope to build here,

Current Projects include:

Hesirion – Heroes of The Margin – An open-ended, multi-gameplay, roleplay-oriented card game, that sees players develop Adventurer Parties and challenge enemies, monsters and creatures in a fantasy setting. Characters are able to enhance their prowess and skills through the collection of artefact and spell cards, and select a range of missions and journeys.

The cards can be used in a multitude of ways from simple ‘trump” gameplay, through to more complex role play based gaming. And even as the basis for a tradition table top role-playing campaign.

Shadows Over Waterworks St. – An open-ended, multi-gameplay roleplay-oriented, tabletop card game that sees the players able to secretly explore, exploit or defend their chosen district within a city in turmoil, fighting off Creatures, Criminals and Mad men, as the citizens on the street looks to the looming shadow of WWII.

Gamehacker – a prototype board game that was originally developed to help games students concentrate on developing rules and consider mechanics rather than worrying about the individual artefacts of game making.

Rough Terrain Chess – an endlessly changeable chess board that pits players not only against each other but against the board’s environment as well.

The Artist’s Journey – a prototype educational board game that looks at the difficulties and hurdles faced by students learning to draw, paint and create digital artwork, whilst encouraging them to to do that thing that many try to avoid …actually drawing. Click here to check out more images of this board game.