Events & Educational

Looking for art based workshops? Or a practicing artist to demonstrate their practice or talk to your event visitors?

I am happy to act as resident artist for the day at your event/gallery/library or other venue. I can bring my own materials and set up in a given space, working independently to a simple theme, or to an outline that includes visitors in some interaction. All the while speaking to your visitors about process and creative practice.

Gareth Drawing Live 002

You can find me at events like these:

I also teach, lecture and run workshops on:

  • An intro to Drawing Fundamentals for Entertainment Media
  • Making Comics
  • Make your own Mini-Comics & Zines (6wk 1 seesion per week course via The Feral Art School).
  • An intro to Concept Art for Entertainment Media
    • Visual Development for Entertainment Media
    • Character Design
    • Designing Props & Objects
    • Developing Environment Design
  • Games Design (From Board Games to Digital)

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As well as my industry experience as a designer/creative across a range of markets and sectors, I have also taught Art & Design subjects from Level 2 in FE through to level 7 on a Masters Degree, as well as appearing at a range of informal education days at cultural events at libraries, museums, galleries and outdoor events and festivals.

I have written and prepared Degree courses for validation, sat as an external panel members for validation boards as well as acting as external assessor, all at university level.

My full Education CV can be found here (including my current qualifications).