Family Event Day Classic

Basically me in a space provided by you, encouraging adults and/or kids(of all ages) to draw and have fun drawing…

I’ll supply the rolls of paper and some drawing materials, you supply the tables and chairs.

The space usually acts as a rest point for adults and kids alike who need a place to chill-out and escape the manic nature of the rest of the event, its a great opportunity for me to talk to parents and families about what it means to work in the arts and what it might mean for that child in their family who loves creating above all else.

Event Appearances & Educational Workshops/Sessions Available

Event Appearances

Basic Drawing/Art

  • Gallery Drawing Workshop
  • Outdoor Observational Drawing Day
  • The Basics of Drawing

Making Comics

  • An Intro to Comics and Making your own Mini-Comics/Zines
  • An Intro to Comics and creating your own Comic Art Page

Games & Entertainment Media

Combinations of elements of the above or bespoke sessions around a related subject can be discussed – give me a call.