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Hull52, 2020 – prepping a new card.

Back in 2017 I was part of the Hull52 Charity Card Deck created by a group of Hull artists and directed by Adam Kerr. My allocated card was the Jack of Clubs (see below) and it was a fun project to be involved in. – You can find out more about the process of making the 2017 card here – Jack Of Clubs Hull52, 2017

This year, and moving into 2020, I’m lucky enough to have been asked to create another card… As yet I’ve only really just started the research/early doodle phase, but I’ll be documenting as much as I can of my process again… you will probably see a lot of it posted on my Twitter feed at @hesir or on Instagram @AKAhesir.

Keep an eye out for the new Hull52 in the new year! #2020Hull52